Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask

Usually masks for problem skin are of the clay or charcoal variety. They absorb oil and leave your skin feeling tight and bright – they’re also (sometimes) a little uncomfortable to use. I’ve had moments when half-way through an episode of Masterchef Australia I’ve had to run to the bathroom because it feels like my face is about to fall off. This manuka honey mask, however, from Antipodes is a very different. It’s creamy, sweet-smelling and doesn’t really feel like it’s doing anything to your skin. There’s no telltale tingling or tightening, it’s really just like smearing a thick cream on, and then taking it off.  Boring? Surprisingly not. Because this type of fancy honey (so very fancy) is antibacterial, your skin actually does look better without that usual parched effect. And I’ve definitely noticed a difference when I remember use it regular. I also had a good laugh at the directions on the box which tell you to apply it at sunset and that the chosen fragrances will balance out your aura. Bunch of hippies.

I bought the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask on Feel Unique for £22,99. (Wait for specials, they come up all the time!)

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