Aura Skincare & Nail Bar

I don’t know about you, but I judge a salon on the happiness of the beauticians. And from the start, my Aura experience was good. First, I got lost en route. And then my phone cut off while the lady on the other end was trying to give me directions. She called me back and when I pulled into the grey Parkhurst building, there she was, happily at me as I parked my car.

Aura Skincare & Nail Bar isn’t the biggest salon – the setup is a bit odd with some of the treatment rooms on the second floor (you have to walk out of the reception and make your way upstairs) but the warmth you feel as you enter and the genuine smiles of everyone around add to the overall atmosphere.


I asked Pretty what it is like to work at Aura and if she is happy – a loaded question, I know – and there were almost tears in her eyes as she spoke of the motherly care Glynne, who owns the salon, gives them. Pretty started at Aura as a cleaner and is now doing eyelash extensions, a process which requires patience, steady hands and technical training. For her, Aura is home. What’s more is that all the ladies at Aura speak to each other with kindness and respect… it’s hard to explain, but they’re really polite. They ask each other for things nicely and really take pride in their work.


I had a mani-pedi and eyelash extensions (my first time – colour options for days!) and loved the experience. Nearly two weeks later my nails look perfect but I’m not sure if the upkeep of extra eyelashes is something I have the time to maintain. I love not rushing to put on mascara in the morning but I find them  scratchy to shower with – the water gets caught in-between your lashes and it’s uncomfortable. That said, they look beautiful and I really feel like Aura is the place to go if you want treatments that are well-executed.  It’s also a good stop for gifts, as they have lots of really nice jewellery, Anna Louise sleepwear, Bloss & Co bags, !QMS cosmetics


Would I go back? YES. Aura Skincare & Nail Bar is a gem. Their pricing isn’t exorbitant. They’re open on Sundays (a big win for me) and at 8AM. They’re in Parkhurst but have parking. They’ll even come and do a spray tan at your house. What’s not to love?

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