Incoco Nail Polish Strips

Nail beds do not come in all shapes and sizes. And when it comes to instant nails, whether you opt for those weird press-on jobbies or buy deluxe jewelled stickers, there is only one beauty brand I can honestly recommend – Incoco. With the plasticky tips, I find that there is always an annoying gap in-between my nail and the…

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Ciat Paint Pots

We need to talk aboutCiatPaint Pots you guys. Not because the bottles have little black material bows on that are, quite frankly, beautiful. It’s the formulation of the nail polish. The fact that it doesn’t streak. Even painting pastels is a pleasure. Paint. Dry. Done. The colour range is beautiful (especially if you like some…

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TOY Nail Polish

I found myself riding the TOY hype train. I blame the internet – wherever I looked I saw people talking about, and posting pics of this new, all-natural, non-toxic Colombian nail polish. So when TOY South Africa launched a website ( I made my first online order: one Maaj polish, one topcoat (Arctic Matt) and a…

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L’Ongle Nail Spa

I’m leaving for Paris tonight! I’m a light packer, so thinking of polish, acetone or chipped nails on a business trip is not a possibility. I decided to try a long-lasting Shellac manicure for the first time, and headed to L’Ongle Nail Spa in Melrose Arch. (It was that or Sorbet, and my last experience at the Hyde Park location left me limping with four ingrown toe nails. Ouch!) L’Ongle looks modern with its mahogany desks, comfy white leather chairs, matching porcelain bowls and two flatscreen TVs. I went in thinking chic, short black nails… but they were out of stock in both Shellac(and Gelish). I picked a deep purple instead called Dark Dahlia that, after three coats, looks black-ish. The process of choosing a polish took ages because unlike regular Essie or OPI, these bottles are opaque and you have to open them to see what colour is inside. It was frustrating, being presented a very big, messy tray of dirty, dripping, sticky bottles and the manicurist not really knowing what was what. It probably took an extra 10 minutes just opening up bottles.

My manicurist wasn’t very friendly, so I loved being able to watch E! Entertainment while getting my nails done as I am a little bit of a workaholic and watching paint dry is as boring as it sounds. It was also nice to have something to do when she decided to take apart and start sterilising the light machine. **And back at Giuliana and Bill’s house…** It was a strange experience, my therapist kept getting up and disappearing without saying anything. I only realised out that she was blowing her nose in the bathroom towards the end of my treatment when she started making gurgling sounds and sniffing noises. The weirdest part of the manicure was when she started talking to another L’Ongle lady after picking up the CND Shellac topcoat. I asked a few times what was going on – they seemed angry – to no response whatsoever. It was another awkward moment… but hey, at least my nails look nice? I’m not sure if I will head back to L’Ongle. I love the design and location, but it’s also nice to feel like you’re being pampered instead of like a robot who just happens to have human hands. (Side note: I did notice L’Ongle Nail Spa stocks some covetable beauty buys likeToy South Africa, Moroccanoil and international OPI collections.)

Shellac manicures at L’Ongle cost R275. You can find the rest of the price list online here.